PokeHills Classic
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Status offline
IP classic.pokehills.com
Website https://pokehills.com
Players 0/40
Version 1.12.2
Rank 18
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Country United States
Types Pixelmon ReforgedSurvivalEconomyRoleplay

After receiving their shiny starter, players can roam through the world, building their team up. After you have reached a certain rank within our progression based rank system, you can begin your adventure through the Brighton Archipelago challenging the gyms scattered across this new expansive region. After progressing, challenge the Elite 4 and become the one and only Grand Champion!

Want to up the ante by challenging yourself after beating the game? PokeHills offers a ton of post-game content (because who wasn’t a little disappointed with SwSh’s lack thereof?), including a Battle Tower — where you can take on consecutive trainers to earn Battle Points, daily raids to participate in where you can work together with your friends and defeat these gigantic Pokemon, daily hunts where you find certain Pokemon and obtain shards to assemble your own Pokemon!
Buy a ticket to our Regular Safari for ten minutes of entry, during which you can capture tons of new, rare pokemon for your team. After progressing through the ranks, gain access to the Super Safari Expedition! — This biome grid will feature many unique Pokemon including legendaries!

In addition to all these features, we have a robust player-driven economy with a digital marketplace, fun minigames and events — plus pokemon edi